How to Be More Adventurous – Live Life to the Fullest


Have you ever heard the saying, “live life to the fullest”?

I have, but never really thought about it until recently.  Growing up in a small southern town, I knew many people who grew up and did the exact same thing as their parents. I knew many who didn’t want to risk pushing the boundaries or try anything new.  I also knew some who had never even ventured outside of the state.

Even though this traditional way of living life in a small town wasn’t bad by any means, it made me long for something…different. I wanted to be adventurous and experience new things, however didn’t really know how to go about doing that (especially while I was in college).

Now that I’ve had the awesome experience of moving across country and back, it’s sparked inside me a desire to continue experiencing new things.

For those of you who wanting to truly live life to the fullest, here’s some tips that may help.


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Probably the single most important thing to boost your adventurous spirit is to get out of your comfort zone. I know almost everyone – even outgoing people – sometimes fall back into this bubble from time to time.

As human beings, we all like familiarity. This isn’t necessarily bad, however can severely hinder our ability to tap into our adventurous spirit.

Have you ever wanted to try something new but was too nervous or intimidated to actually do it? This has happened to me countless times. By chickening out of some things and forcing myself to do others, I’ve found that I’m most happy when I just go for it.

Things I’ve Forced Myself to Try
Activity Outcome
Karaoke At first, I was shaking I was so terrified. However after doing it a few times, I now love singing in front of people (even if it’s not that great)
Talking to a Stranger A couple years ago, you never would’ve caught me volunteering to talk to anyone I didn’t know. Now, I’ve found that you can bring a smile to both yourself and others by simply asking how their day is going.
Trying a Group Class I’ve tried fitness classes, art groups, writing clubs and different church groups. Overall, I’ve found that I become more open as a person when I push myself to get out of my anti-social bubble. It has made me more comfortable with trying new things.
Visiting a New Place This hasn’t always come easy. When I was younger, I didn’t visit nearly as many new places as I do now. I was shy and timid. Now, even if it’s as local as going to a new restaurant, store or park, I jump at the opportunity.


Even though getting out of your comfort zone is easier said than done, it really does make you more comfortable with yourself. I’ve found that I am much more relaxed when I’m constantly not letting fear hold me back from trying new things…and this doesn’t have to be drastic!

Most people think that to be adventurous, you have to travel the world or do something totally outside-the-box. This isn’t the case! You can be adventurous without a lot of time or money. All it takes is searching out new (and fun) experiences.

Making it a habit to get out of your comfort zone regularly doesn’t come overnight. However the more you do it, the happier you become.

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Train Yourself to Be Fearless

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This one goes hand in hand with getting out of your comfort zone. Being fearless is a trait that doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people (myself included). It takes both guts and a carefree spirit. It means not trying to change yourself in order to please everyone. It means taking your life in your own hands and holding fast to your core values.

Whether you agree with this or not, our society has unfortunately hurt us in this aspect. It is structured in a way that “defines” what certain traits look like. Do any of these ideals look familiar?

  • True Success = $$$
  • Self Confidence = having a “perfect” body
  • Self Worth = # of likes on social media
  • True Happiness = putting yourself above others


Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming our society for our lack of fearlessness. I’m simply saying that to be fearless, you need to stop basing your actions on other people’s responses. This means that your motives to act shouldn’t be based on how that will make others view you.  

Being fearless isn’t always about doing things that other people will think are impressive. Often time being fearless is doing things that no one will even recognize.  

Fearlessness is…helping others
  • choosing to have a positive mindset, even when everyone else doesn’t
  • Taking responsibility instead of blaming someone else
  • Treating criticism positively – as a way you can better yourself
  • Openly admitting when you are wrong
  • Opening up to others
  • Going the extra mile for someone who may not return the favor
  • Putting people before physical things


Overall, being fearless isn’t easy. You have to have the guts to say screw it – and then just go for it. It takes not only a change of mind but a change of heart as well.

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Be Proactive in Finding Motivators

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Another great thing to boost your adventurous spirit is to always be proactive in finding motivators. What do I mean by that?

What I’m saying is to always seek out support – even if it’s only one person – that encourages or pushes you to get out of your comfort zone.

Just a few examples of motivators are:

  • Friends or close family
  • Public figures or speakers
  • Children
  • Books


The reason I mentioned children is because of their innocence and genuineness. Children don’t care as much about what others think of them. When I’m around a child, it’s so refreshing because it reminds me how people are inherently good. It motivates me to have that same genuineness and hope inside me when life isn’t always lemonade.

The bottom line is to always have a source of motivation. Surround yourself with those who you want to emulate. Because in the end, your character is determined by those you surround yourself with.

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Conclusion – How to Be More Adventurous

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In the end, being adventurous doesn’t mean always going to exotic places or trying the craziest new things. Being adventurous is a mindset that affects the way you live your life. It makes you open to trying new things. It makes you less fearful of obstacles that come up. It boosts your creativity and your health…but most of all – it boosts your happiness.

What are some adventures you’ve tackled?

What are some challenges you’ve faced and overcome?

I’d love to hear about them. Comment below with your stories!



Sarah Gaddes