How to Forgive and Forget

forgive and forget

  This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to connect with a group of people who all shared a similar goal in life – they wanted to serve and build up others through their love for God. Through talking about the different struggles we faced, we all agreed that living positively was sometimes very difficult. With so much…

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How Exercise Affects Depression

depression dark fog

  Out of the 7.6 billion people in the world, an estimated 350 million suffer from depression according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is about 5%. This number is even higher in younger adults and adolescents. Read this article for more information. With so many people struggling to stay positive in a world filled with so much…

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Foods to Keep You Full Longer

It’s only 10:30 A.M., and you’re STARVING. Even though you ate breakfast at 7, it seems like you hadn’t eaten since yesterday. Sheesh, you’re probably thinking. Why can’t you seem to stay full? Well, the answer to that question lies in what you had for breakfast. Many of us don’t realize that we greatly shorthand ourselves when fueling our…

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