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It seems like spring fever is hitting me earlier and earlier each year. Well, last weekend it hit me hard. As the temperature was 40 degrees outside and raining, I missed the warm, sunny days when I could just go out in a sundress or romper and soak up all the rays.
Even though it’s only the end of January, Spring is right around the corner (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). And that means that pretty soon it’ll be time to throw all those sweatshirts, jeans and boots in the back of your closet. You know what comes next…swimsuit season!

For a lot of people, this is the time when they pick back up their New Year’s Resolutions and start working out more. If they’re not going to be wearing as much clothing, they naturally want to shed a little “winter padding”.

I feel ya.

As much as I love the coziness of hot chocolate, blankets and sweaters in winter, summer is by far my favorite time of the year. From weekends tanning by the pool to more time spent outdoors, this is when I like to lean out (at least a little).

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In addition to eating cleaner and working out more consistently, Fitmiss Burnhas been a surprisingly helpful boost to my physique. It’s the only fat burner I’ve used, because of its effectiveness at helping lower my body fat percentage. Not only has it proven to be very beneficial at toning up my body, but it has also helped me drop 5 lbs in merely a couple weeks.

What’s in Fitmiss Burn?

fitmiss burn ingredients

As you can tell from the image, the main ingredients are:

  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • 6 Stage Weight Loss Blend

Now before you wonder what the heck that mysterious weight loss blend is, rest assured I’ll get there. But first let me give you a quick break down of the ingredients preceding it.

Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide)

As one of eight essential B vitamins, vitamin B3 plays a huge role in regulating our digestive system. According to webmd, it is also likely effective for lowering high cholesterol and possibly effective for many things.*

  • Improving osteoarthritis symptoms
  • Decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Decreasing atherosclerosis (arterial hardening from plaque build up)
  • Decreasing secondary heart problems
  • Decreasing diarrhea
  • Improving both type 1 & 2 Diabetes
  • Prevention and/or treatment of cataracts

* Webmd classifies the usefulness of vitamins according to how effective they’ve been shown to be. Likely effective, possibly effective and insufficient evidence for are their three main categories.

Vitamin B5 (as Calcium D – Pantothenate)

As another major B vitamin, vitamin B5 is also a great synthesizer of fats and proteins. It helps your body break down food so that you can more efficiently rebuild muscle. When you’re trying to lose weight, this comes in handy.

According to medicalnewstoday, the recommended daily dosage for adults is 5 mg. If you take the recommended daily dosage of Fitmiss Burn, you will be consuming 4 mg per day. To fill in the rest, incorporate these foods to ensure your body can refuel and rebuild at maximum potential.

  • Chicken Liver
  • Avocados
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Salmon (if you’re like me and don’t like fish, just skip it)
  • Corn
  • Broccoli

Magnesium (as Magnesium Gluconate)

If you want healthy bones, low blood pressure, heart health and an improved mood, magnesium is going to be your buddy. The trick to getting enough of it lies in eating a diet filled with whole, natural products. Typically, if you consume foods high in fiber, you will also consume decent amounts of magnesium as well. This means incorporating a variety of:

It’s basically another mineral that plays a substantial role in a variety of bodily functions.

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Zinc (as Zinc Monomethionine)

Zinc is a trace mineral that also improves digestion and immune system. It acts very similarly to an antioxidant, improving your overall health through fighting damage caused by free-radicals. In doing this, it not only helps slow down the aging process but it also boosts your immunity so you don’t get sick as often.

Since zinc deficiencies are common, taking it as a supplement has proven to be beneficial for many people. A lot of this stems back to the fact that people don’t get enough protein in their diet. Foods high in zinc are often linked with foods high in protein, so if you don’t get enough protein (and zinc as a result), your body will not function as efficiently.

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Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate)

Another trace mineral that is utilized by our bodies for regulating blood sugar and metabolic processes is Chromium. You see, by consuming enough chromium through a healthy, balanced diet you are able to maintain a healthy sensitivity to insulin. This helps ensure that your metabolism can function optimally while effectively breaking down the fats, carbs and sugars in your diet. Without an adequate supply of chromium, you are actually more susceptible to becoming hyperglycemic (where there’s too much sugar in the blood).

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Potassium (as Potassium Aspartate)

Commonly seen in fresh fruits and vegetables, potassium plays a key role in regulation of the nervous and muscular system. Other benefits include:

  • Decreased muscle cramps
  • Enhanced bone health
  • Strengthening of muscles through improved metabolism
  • Regulates hormones, improving mood
  • Improves heart health

But how much potassium a day is enough? It’s not a trace mineral, so naturally our bodies need more of it. Even though factors like age, activity level and ethnicity all affect how much potassium you will need, organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) generally recommend a minimum of 3,500 mg. If you eat a lot of healthy foods like fruits, salads, beans and potatoes then don’t fret! You’re already well on your way to getting your daily recommendation.

6-Stage Weight Loss Blend – What’s actually in It??

question mark

You may have noticed that between all the ingredients in Fitmiss Burn, there was a common theme.

They all worked to improve the efficiency of your metabolism

For someone losing weight, this helps considerably with ridding the body of toxins and excess fat. The 6-Stage Weight Loss Blend expands on that. Just take a look.

Stage 1 & 2: Energy and Fat Metabolizer

  • Green tea extract (high in antioxidants)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 150 mg (equals approximately 1.5 cups of coffee)
  • Guarana seed extract (acts similarly to caffeine)
  • Yerba Mate (contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & caffeine)

Stage 3: Appetite Balancing Weight Management Control

  • Glucomannan (a dietary fiber that aids in high BP, constipation and weight loss)
  • White kidney bean (rich in essential nutrients, aids in weight loss)
  • Raspberry ketones (aids in more efficient fat break down)
  • Alpha lipoic acid (prevents cell damage)
  • Cayenne (improves circulation and aids in detox)
  • Chromium (helps regulate blood sugar)

Stage 4: Anti-Stress Mood Balancer

  • 5-HTP (a dietary supplement that raises serotonin levels – improving mood)
  • Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract (plant extract that improves memory & brain function)
  • Tumeric (a spice commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Garlic (helps maintain good cholesterol & blood sugar)
  • Echinacea Purpurea Extract (an herb used to boost your immune system)

Stage 5: Water Shedding Diuretic Complex

  • Uva Ursi (a plant used to help maintain a healthy urinary tract)
  • Dandelion extract (rich in fiber, helping flush out the toxins)
  • Potassium Aspartate (supports healthy metabolism & water balance)

Stage 6: Digestive Enzyme Aid

  • DigeSEB (aids with digesting gluten)
  • Lipase (helps break down fats)
  • Lactase (speeds up the break down of milk sugars)
  • HemiSEB (aids in digestion/reduces bloating)
  • Cellulase (converts cellulose into soluble sugars)
  • Diastase (breaks down starches)
  • Glucoamylase (aids in break down of starches)
  • Invertase (speeds up the break down of sugars)
  • Bromelain (helps digest protein)
  • Peptizyme SP (supports inflammatory response)
  • Papain (decreases inflammation)
  • Almond Oil (medicinal oil used for a variety of ailments)
  • Corn (provides good source of fiber and promotes healthy vision)
  • Kelp (high in many vitamins & contains high levels of calcium)
  • Apple (high in antioxidants and flavanoids)
  • Pectin (high in fiber/aids in weight loss)

O.K. That’s A LOT of ingredients. Even though you may have initially freaked out when looking at the bottle, do you now see how all these ingredients work together? They all target different issues you face when trying to lose weight. From boosting energy, fighting cravings and decreasing stress to peeing out all those toxins and improving digestion and metabolism – the 6-Stage Weight Loss Blend is definitely included for a good reason.

My Personal Experience

Now that I’ve thrown all those ingredients at you, I’d like to share my own experience with Fitmiss Burn. The first time I tried it, I was still in college. For most of the day I would sit in class, then go home and study. As much as I loved working out, there were many days that I just didn’t feel up to it.

Then one day I got on the scale and was shocked to find that I had gained a whopping seven pounds. Not only did I feel crappy and bloated, but my energy level had gone way down. A friend of mine had been using the protein powder from Fitmiss and recommended trying their fat burner.

So I did.

Determined to get my energy and strength back, I started eating cleaner and working out. Was it difficult? Yep. Was my stomach feeling “empty” those first couple days from flushing all the crap out? You bet. After I started taking Fitmiss Burn, however, things got a little easier.

Initial Changes I Noted
  • Experienced improved concentration in class
  • My mood improved
  • I had more energy
  • My motivation and determination were elevated
  • I experienced more energy during my workouts
  • I slept better at night (resulting from my improved performance throughout the day)
  • First couple days, I felt jittery from the caffeine (it went away after the first few days though)*
  • It did not suppress my appetite
  • I had to pee much more than usual (I guess this could be a pro & con)

For the next 21 days, I ate super clean and drank A TON of water. By the end of my second week, I was starting to notice veins in my forearms that I had previously never noticed. It was kind of cool actually.

By the time I finished up the bottle, a few strangers had already approached me asking how I had toned my stomach and arms. Even people in my class were starting to notice a difference.

Overall, Fitmiss did an excellent job of helping me tone up. It made the job of “getting in shape” so much easier by supplementing my body with the nutrients I was lacking. I just had to maintain a healthy diet and exercise habits to see optimal results.

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*for those wondering how much caffeine I consume in a day, the truth is usually none. From time to time (maybe every 1-2 weeks) I’ll pick up a frosted coffee from Chick-fil-A. Otherwise, my caffeine intake is very low)

Amazon Review 3/5 Stars 

I’ll be completely honest – I was surprised to find Amazon’s review of Fitmiss Burn so low. After going through 3 bottles in the past and seeing results every time, I wondered how it couldn’t have gotten higher ratings.

After looking through all of the 1-3 star reviews, I found a trend between the most common complaints. They either revolved around increased headaches, GI irritation or ineffective results.

Here’s my advice.

If you’re someone who has an easily upset stomach, then take Fitmiss Burn with caution. Notice I said with caution, not to necessarily avoid it. Sometimes you body just reacts differently. If you notice these symptoms at all, use common sense and lay off of it for a few days. Then, when you try it again, lower your dosage. Instead of taking four pills a day, try two. The best way to see if Fitmiss Burn is the right fat burner for you is to simply try it and see.

For those who get frequent headaches, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. This can make a HUGE difference in how your body responds. Since your body is already going to be shedding more water and toxins than it normally would, you can expect to have headaches if you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Moving on.

Now for those claiming Fitmiss Burn gave them ineffective results, my first question would be – what was your diet and exercise routine like? Before going any further, I want to make it clear that I don’t say this to belittle or downplay anyone’s claims that the product doesn’t work. For some people it might not. And that’s O.K.!

However, I want to stress how EASY it is to fall into the mindset that fat burners are a magic cure for weight loss. While that’s totally not true, it still takes a strong mindset, motivation and work ethic to see results from them. I don’t say that to discourage you, but to instead give you insight on what will produce the best results!


fitmiss burn review

To sum everything up, Fitmiss Burn is great for those looking to tone up and even lose a few pounds. The effects are:

  • Increased thermogenesis – therefore accelerated weight loss
  • Improved focus and mood
  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • Elevated motivation and determination
  • Improved quality of sleep

The key to success, however, is to already have a good momentum going for your diet and exercise regimen before taking it. Fitmiss won’t magically make you lose 20 lbs if you’re sitting on the couch all day eating donuts. However, it IS a very good BOOST to help you drop those last few pounds. If you’re already putting the work in and find that you’re reaching a plateau, Fitmiss Burn is well worth your time. Based on my experience with Fitmiss Burn, I would highly recommend it!

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